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Issue #2 of Supernatural: Rising Son comes out today in a comic book store near you. To find one, use the Comic Shop Locator Service.

Official summary (spoilery for plot of the issue)Collapse )


Did you get it? What did you think?

There isn't much I could say without including spoilers, so I'm going to put a poll and my "first thoughts" behind the cut.

Poll with spoilery questions about the issue, behind the cut.Collapse )


SPN: Rising Son hits today!

Hope you manage to head over to your friendly neighborhood comic book store today and pick up a copy of Rising Son - then come back here to discuss it.

Remember, spoilers go behind a cut, no icons using images from the issue (other than the cover) for a week after release, and please do not scan and share the inside here (or anywhere) - we'll only get another series if this one does well.

Variant Cover for Rising Son Issue #1

I was googling and found the blog for the artist who's done the cover for Rising Son #1 - he's showing the original sketch and the final cover here and says he'll be at NY's ComicCon as well as San Diego's this year, so it might be a good chance to get the issue signed.

New comic series and more

TV Guide reports on the new series of Wildstorm Comics set when Dean is 11 and Sam is 7. Article contains spoilers for the new comic series and for some tweaks to Origins as it's reissued in April in graphic novel format.

Should we change this comm name to spn_tie-ins or something, to encompass the new series and the tie-in novels and guidebooks more blatantly? Thoughts?
In case anyone's interested, I've done another DVD-style commentary from Sam and Dean's point of view for issue number 4. Beware of spoilers, snark and nitpickery.

Better late than never...

Whoops, I suppose I should post a link to this here.

Comicommentary: Supernatural Origins Issue #2.

It's a kind of review/commentary thing I did. Please don't kill me, and heed the warnings.